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An Introduction to the Kingdom of Durundal -


There are none who can say with certain knowledge when the Kingdom of Durundal began, yet this has not stopped the dragons, the kings, the sorcerers and other wise-ones from seeking the answer. What we do know is that dragons ruled supreme and considered by many to be the Dawn of Time.

It was during this dim and distant past, a prophecy was written. A prophecy that said a child of royal blood would bring peace to the kingdoms, but the Dark Lord would do everything in his power to stop it.

And so it was—man ruled the earth! Barbaric, uncivilised, numerous; most with a hunger for wealth, many attracted by power.

But power is always dangerous, it attracts the worst and corrupts the best, and the Dark Lord summoned those very people. Hearts were broken, loved ones were lost, thrones were burned, and the kingdoms were in turmoil. Many said that darkness would prevail and man would never be understanding of acceptance and beyond all evil.

Yet—the light was beginning to shine through. The Prophecy was beginning to unfold, and with it came the Age of Heroes.

This twelve-part series shows that hope can grow out of despair, that the seeds of the future can come from the scars of the past, and a reminder that heroes aren't born —they are created.

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Book 1
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Book 5
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Book 2
Book 6
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Book 7
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Book 11

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Book 4
Book 8
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Book 12