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This twelve-part series shows that hope can grow out of despair, that the seeds of the future can come from the scars of the past, and a reminder that heroes aren't born —they are created.

I have always been interested in the past, in ancient civilisations and dynasties; the kings, emperors, dictators, leaders and religious ambassadors. That's why I wrote The Kingdom of Durundal; an epic 12-part-saga, steeped in layers of blood-feuds, warring deities, and in the centre of it all - the common people fighting their own battles in order to survive.


Going back even further; some 5,000 years, I am particularly fascinated with the cyclopean structures that were built by our lost civilisations: the Inca architecture; Machu Picchu. Cambodia's, Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple and Ta Prohm. These buildings share the same DNA as the impressive sites in Egypt, Peru, and Easter Island - and are aligned with the constellations. The Great Pyramid, for example is aligned with the Northern Star which encompasses the Orion Belt. The Egyptians called it Sah, which means God.


Our planet is encompassed by a great circle; also known as the magnetic equator; and the position of the afore mentioned ancient sites are dotted along this magnetic line. These structures transmit knowledge which is available to us in symbols and scriptures all over the world.


Moreover, within these scriptures there is always the promise of a Chosen One. A prophecy that states this person will be powerful enough to bring peace. But the stars must align with the planets. The magnetic fields must connect with the rocks. The crystal seas must roll back to expose the lands of glass.


Only then will the Chosen One emerge safely.


In my series; the Kingdom of Durundal, I explore a number of these fascinations precisely and metaphorically under the genre of fantasy.


The prequel is The Prophecy which goes back to the dawn of time when dragons ruled the earth and a Chosen One was hailed. A person of rectitude and stability who could bring peace to the warring kingdoms. 

Books 1, 2, 3, 4 the primary characters; all in line to the throne, have an animal as a spirit guide to bring them strength. The four 'beasts' are: a hare, a wolf, a leopard and a stag.

Books 5,6,7,8 discovers the magic, sorcery and value of plants as used by our ancestors.

The next three books address the real persona behind some of the characters. Books 9 and 10 introduce the Vikings; referencing the Antikythera Mechanism as a means of sea travel and to determine the movements of the moon and the sun through the zodiac. Book 11 returns the reader to the dwarves, elves, and mages, where the dragons are named after constellations and the magnetic field is instrumental in their survival. 


To recap:


Like our forefathers, I have told a uniquely intelligent story using scriptures and symbols.


Like the magnetic circle, the story reads like a cyclical structure. 


Like the zodiac, there are 12 books. 


And just like our ancestors - everything and everyone is connected. 

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Book 1
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Book 5
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Book 9
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Book 2

Book 6
Book 10

Book 3

Book 7
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Book 11

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Book 4
Book 8
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Book 12

Book 2
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