S. E. TURNER  2018
Cover Artwork
Jamie Flack
Illustration Artwork & Website
Daisy Jane Turner
Bengal Eagle Owl and Tawny Owl -
by kind permission of Brigit Graham

"Whatever you read now you

must believe.

I will tell you things that seem impossible.. and what may seem impossible here,

is in fact

highly probable

in anther world."

A Moth in the Flames



Cornelius is dying. Coben has been fatally injured. Ajeya bears the scar that has carved her destiny since she was a two-day-old baby. But now the Fates have intervened and invited the daughter of Mawi to change the course of history.

Banished to Tarragon Island to hone her craft, Sansara is the chosen one -- and the challenges are intense. Facing dangers, isolation, and hidden magic, the struggle can be too much for a woman on her own. So when the mysterious Raoul is shipwrecked on her island, his presence threatens to sabotage the task.

With the future of the kingdoms resting on her shoulders, can Sansara live up to the challenge -- or is it doomed forever?

Discover all in the final part of the Kingdom of Durundal saga.

Sharon Turner - Kindle Cover - Front - B
Sharon Turner - Kindle Cover - Front - B
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