S. E. TURNER  2018
Cover Artwork
Jamie Flack
Illustration Artwork & Website
Daisy Jane Turner
Bengal Eagle Owl and Tawny Owl -
by kind permission of Brigit Graham

 The Author

 S. E. Turner

S E Turner is a life-long enthusiast of epic fantasy that borders on the believable. With an abundance of historical research weaved through the pages, this promises to be an engaging and immersive experience.

'The Kingdom of Durundal series is far more than the single genre of fantasy.

Rather, it blends into a prestigious crossroads where fantasy meets reality, and the surreal meets the sublime. I wanted to write a series that everyone could read, and I'm happy to provide an exciting, epic story that a wide variety of ages will enjoy.'

'"The owl is the greatest predator of the forest. It has total awareness of its surroundings so it can hunt in the dark using sound alone to guide it to a kill.

It will watch the movements of its prey for hours before choosing the right moment to strike.

It has perfect patience and perception and its stillness makes it invisible." 

He looked beyond the forest.

"Have you ever seen the bird behind the call?"'

A Hare in the Wilderness

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