S. E. TURNER  2018
Cover Artwork
Jamie Flack
Illustration Artwork & Website
Daisy Jane Turner
Bengal Eagle Owl and Tawny Owl -
by kind permission of Brigit Graham

"There are so many that will go to sadistic and brutal lengths

for even more

recognition and power."

A Leopard in the Mist

It's not until you're broken - that you discover what's worth fighting for.


Cornelius has returned from exile to reclaim his birthright and take back control of the empire.

Offering a peace treaty with the clans, he approaches Namir, an adversary from old, with whom he seeks to make amends.


However, the clan is suspicious of Cornelius. Concerned that his intentions are not entirely honourable. Worried that his agenda is the same as the emperor before him; steeped with motives in a lust for power to bring down the Kingdom of Durundal forever. 


Despite the protests from his wife and the rest of the clan, Namir accepts the proposal; though when he doesn't return - their suspicions are heightened. Now the clans will come together in a race against time to find the chieftain and save the future of his kingdom.


 And only one thing is certain - there will be blood. 



Sharon Turner - Kindle Cover - Front - B
Sharon Turner - Kindle Cover - Front - B
Sharon Turner - Kindle Cover - Front - B
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