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"There are so many that will go to sadistic and brutal lengths

for even more

recognition and power."

A Leopard in the Mist

Book Three

★★★★★ IHIBRP Award for Excellence in Writing 2020 ★★★★★


In the Kingdom of Durundal, hearts can be broken, loved ones lost, thrones burned, but one thing is certain - there will be blood.

King Lyall has won the battle for his ancestral home, yet rebellion still looms in the kingdom and danger appears at every turn. 

With the kingdom in turmoil, his brother, Namir knows that peace is far from reach. So when the newly appointed Emperor Cornelius, summons him to sign a peace treaty — he goes willingly. But there are dangers ahead. For this new Emperor is hellbent on seizing the whole kingdom for himself, and will kill anyone that gets in his way. 

Surrounded and outnumbered by new enemies, Namir must call on all his skill and courage to survive, and prevent his beloved Durundal from falling into the wrong hands. 

'It's not until you're broken that you discover what's worth fighting for.'


On the other side of the world, some ten thousand miles away, a lone man sat in a small tavern, at a candlelit table, surrounded by darkness and drunken strangers. Golden streaks of tangled limp hair reached his shoulders while a heavy woollen cloak hung almost to the ground - covering a torn grey shirt and tired worn breeches. A paralytic lout on the street had lost his shoes to him, plus a handful of loose change. Under the growth of a few days stubble a handsome face was etched, though some would argue it didn't exist at all. The saturated straw didn't bother him either as he supped on his ale, and he barely noticed the pungent aroma of body odour and stale beer. Outside, was a maze of twisting alleyways and hidden corners - best to keep away from those places, people would tell him - but he wasn't scared of those places, nothing scared him anymore.


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