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 "Through the mists of rampage and the stench of fear, a tall, stately man appeared on a charger - and brought hell with him."      

A Hare in the Wilderness

Book One

An Ancient Prophecy. A Dark Secret. A cursed Heir.


Banished to the wilderness as a child, Ajeya has been running and hiding all her life. Now, the time has come to know why; for a secret has been hidden from her since birth - a secret so dark and consuming that, once exposed, will empower her—or destroy her.


First, she must confront her fears; a quest fraught with danger and deepest magic - but Ajeya has faced death many times, survival is second nature to her, and survive she must if she is to discover all and take back what is rightfully hers.


Destiny is Written.


The Kingdom of Durundal - Age of heroes is a medieval fantasy set in a unique but familiar world of power, prophecy and intrigue. As intricately detailed as The Lord of the Rings, as lyrical as Circe, as innovative as A Game of Thrones; A Hare in the Wilderness is an intoxicating tale of secrets and lies, love and loss, and the invincible strength of a woman.