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 "Through the mists of rampage and the stench of fear, a tall, stately man appeared on a charger and brought            hell with him."      

A Hare in the Wilderness

Book One

An Ancient Prophecy. A Persistent Evil. A Fallen Heir.

For hundreds of years, dragons, dwarves, humans and elves lived together in relative peace. But times change. The simmering tranquility begins to rumble and The Dark Lord rises again to wreck havoc on the landscape. Though it is said that a child of prophecy is the only thing that can stop the Dark Lord's quest for total domination.

As the threat of darkness hangs over the land, the Fates and their followers must protect this child from the disciples of the Dark Lord - whose mission it is to kill her. For it is only Ajeya, the cursed heiress with the mark of malice on her face and the totem of a hare on her arm, who has the power to bring peace to the kingdoms - if she lives to use it.

Book 1 in the epic Kingdom of Durundal series - a fantasy world of myth and legend, of truths, half truths and rebellions, and a prophecy waiting to unfold.

The Prophecy:

There are none who can say with certain knowledge when the Kingdom of Durundal began, yet this has not stopped the dragons, the kings, the sorcerers and other wise-ones from seeking the answer. What we do know is that the dragons ruled supreme and considered by many to be the dawn of time. It was then, that two learned dragons each had a different vision of the future. The Dragon King foretold of the Dark Lord with his disciples of death to do his evil bidding and keep his subjects in a state of perpetual fear. The Dragon Queen foretold of the Goddess of the Temple with her followers of mystic fates, witches, and sorcerers to bring peace to the kingdoms and the dragons return. They both knew that a young girl would hold the key to the kingdom, whose survival was paramount; because while the fates, the witches, the sorcerers, would work together to ensure her and her descendant's safety, the Dark Lord would do everything in his power to stop it. Thus a prophecy was born and the words were written.


With the prophecy in place, and the dragons beginning to disappear, it looked like the Dragon King was right. Man ruled the earth. Barbaric, uncivilised, numerous—most with a hunger for wealth, many corrupted by power. Untold riches were discovered in burial sites, along with the horror stories of how those riches were acquired. Many said that the Dark Lord and his Disciples of Death would rule forever and man would never be understanding of acceptance and beyond all evil.

Yet, in the deepest, darkest corners of the kingdom, the Fates of Fortune and their Followers remained undeterred. Heroes were born from peasants, courage grew from fear, determination came from loss - for their direst need was to protect the child with the totem of a hare.