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 "Through the mists of rampage and the stench of fear, a tall, stately man appeared on a charger and brought            hell with him."      

A Hare in the Wilderness

This first novel of an epic fantasy series introduces readers to the magnificent Kingdom of Durundal - a land rich in mystery, sorcery, and secrets ...

Ajeya has been fighting all her life, but now she faces something quite different - the chance to discover a secret hidden from her since birth - a secret that will change her life forever and the destiny of the kingdom.
First, she must confront her enemy; a quest fraught with danger and hidden magic - but Ajeya has faced death many times before, survival is second nature to her; and survive she must if she is to protect those she loves and choose where she belongs.

With her one great love and unbreakable spirit, the fate of the kingdom is in her hands...

If you love mesmerising worlds and magical universes, then you will love A Hare in the Wilderness; an intoxicating tale of secrets and lies, love and loss, and the invincible strength of a woman.

'On my blood I will triumph over my enemies, for I will have fire in my eyes when I see them, not tears. I am fearless. Let the bloody battle begin.'

Download your copy today and join in the fight.

The horizon was grey on this morning, and overhead an obscured sun peeked out timidly through low scuttling clouds and tried desperately to brighten an otherwise forlorn day. The wind blew cold and Ajeya could hear the gushing rush of water and the creak of the mill's great wooden waterwheel. There was a smell of rain in the dawn air, but no drops were falling yet. Smoke was rising from the chimneys, indicating another chilly November. Children's shrill voices could be heard coming from the homes, and as a wagon disappeared out of view, there came the roar of horses hooves followed by a loud thud. An army of soldiers had thundered into the village, overturned the wagon and set fire to it. There were cries and jeers as they upturned more. Then came further devastation as flaming arrows shivered through the morning mists, trailing pale ribbons of fire, and splintered into the wooden huts. A few smashed through shuttered windows, followed by thin tendrils of smoke rising between the broken shutters. Ajeya ran forward, and without a second thought, shouldered her bow and snatched her quiver of arrows leaning against the door. Suddenly a clap of thunder tore across the sky with such a force the vibration splintered the earth; the clouds opened and a wall of rain swept in battering down the last few remaining flames. Lightning struck in such ferocity that it lit up the true horror, and through the mists of rampage and the stench of fear, a tall, stately man appeared on a charger, and brought hell with him.


Magical ★★★★★
With stories as perennial and universally beloved as The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of The Rings - but also unlike anything but themselves - this book is perfect for those new to the world of enchanting magic: for to know The Kingdom of Durundal is to love it.

Pivotal ★★★★★
This first book in the series introduces a cast of characters that are pivotal in all five books. Perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman, Susanna Clark and Leigh Bardugo, this promises to be an immersive experience.


Sharon Turner - Kindle Cover - Front - B
Sharon Turner - Kindle Cover - Front - B
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