Books 6, 7, 8.

Review from the United States

                                                                         ★★★★★ A Perfect Series for the Times ★★★★★



Sorceress of the Sapphire (part 1) is officially the first book in the new series, but I am thrilled to report that although it takes place a decade and a half later, it is still set in the beloved Kingdom of Durundal. You can start with the new book, or you can go back and race through A Hare in the Wilderness - Book 1, A Wolf in the Dark - Book 2, A Leopard in the Mist - Book 3, A Stag in the Shadows - Book 4, A Moth in the Flames - Book 5. When you're finished, you'll be very excited to move on to Turner's latest release and those to come.

The Kingdom of Durundal series is listed as fantasy but I think it’s much more than that - the characters feel too real, and the problems they face too immediate. To me, it feels more like a historical look at what clan life used to be like in Scotland, or some other ancient realm before recorded time. And we all know that history repeats itself, like it or not.

Horrible things happen to Turner’s characters, but they rise above their challenges and survive. Heroes spring up and save the day when least expected, when all seems lost. Whether old-fashioned ingenuity or analytical minds applying themselves in a genius way, or something just a little magical or beyond our understanding, the battle is always won. There is loss, there is heartbreak – people die and worlds change so much that you know deep down things will never be the same, but somehow, in the end, good always prevails over evil. Hope blossoms when you are sure that all hope is lost. I don’t know about you, but I find that inspiring, now more than ever.

In addition to fantasy and history, you'll find The Kingdom of Durundal’s five books filled with ancient mythology, sword and sorcery, battles, apothecary (herbal medicines), spirituality, honour, betrayal, vengeance, magic, sacrifice, coming of age, love, strength, and courage, just as the author promises. Some things that I personally love about these books – the author interweaves themes like greed and selfishness, a struggle as contemporary as it is ancient – and redemption! Forgiveness, and second chances, delayed gratification and patience, make the characters so perfectly imperfect that you will fall in love with them just as I did. It’s an amazing combination. Highly recommended!

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