Twelve-year-old Severn survives a raid on Orkney, but Magnus, King of the Vikings, hauls him away from his home and back to Norway.

Though timid and frightened at first, Severn learns to embrace his new surroundings and grows to become one of the greatest warriors of his time. Yet it isn't the axe-wielding Ironmen, or the gods that they worship, or even the serpents of the ice-cold seas that will shape his future— it's the love of a Viking woman.

However, in the struggle between family and loyalty, between personal ambition and commitment, there will be no easy path. But a man with a warrior's courage may be able to find it. Such a man is Severn—warrior by instinct and Viking by nature—he has yet to reach his finest hour.

A rousing adventure of courage, treachery, duty, devotion, majesty, love and battle, as seen through the eyes of a warrior adjusting to a different world.

'It's not how you die that defines you. It's what you fight for in life.'

★★★Note from the author★★★

Although this book can be enjoyed as a stand alone, and it sits well in the category of Viking and Norse mythology, it does have an important place in the series. So if this is your first dip into the Kingdom of Durundal, I invite you to read the other books as well, to see where SEVERN fits in.

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