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Daisy Jane Turner
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Readers Reviews

A Hare in the Wilderness

'This is probably one of the best-written books I've ever read, the descriptions were so beautiful, the words were poetic. The author really has an amazing way with words. What is more, the plot is also as captivating. The characters were well developed and so likable, from Dainn to Hagen and Keao and many others. Such a heartwarming beautiful story that should appeal to all ages. I'm looking forward to reading the second book in the series.'

'The descriptions are vivid and paint a clear picture of the wilderness and world. I enjoyed the different clans and politics involved. The connections there were also profound. While my heart was wrapping around the characters there was quite an adventure going on too. I really look forward to continuing the journey. Fans of fantasy will enjoy this beautiful adventure.'

'I always appreciate a great story that teaches powerful lessons about human nature or about how we respond to the things that challenge us. ‘A Hare In The Wilderness’ is one such book: on one level, it is a powerful story of overcoming,

of strength, and of love that will not let go. On a deeper level, it is one that reminds the reader that whatever flaw or weakness we may possess, there is far more to a person than that.'

'It's been such a long time since I was so captivated by a book and my imagination. Loved every moment of it, my only negative thing to say is that I was unable to read it as quickly as I would have liked as work was so busy at the time

I was reading it! Such an inspirational, powerful, magical tale that lead me away from reality in little golden sparkly,

very moving nuggets. Thank you.'

A Wolf in the Dark 

'Once again, Turner explores themes of human nature, perseverance and overcoming in this action-packed story which is as original as its companion volume. While there are certainly moments filled with despair and fear, the author focuses the reader on the positive mental strength and determination of the lead characters in enabling them to endure their trials.'

'While the most central character is male, there is also a very strong and resourceful female lead character who personifies the qualities of loyalty and teamwork in a way that is inspiring for all readers. Something I really like to see in a story is people being united by their challenges and working together for good, regardless of gender, class or anything else that might divide them.'

'A Wolf in The Dark is a fantastic coming of age second book in this series. This long-ago legend, when kings ruled and atrocious wars were fought to take over territories and possessions, is well written with many twists and turns.

The author embedded many visual descriptions and painted images with words that held me spelled bound as

I continued to trek through this chronicle. It kept me on the edge of my seat anticipating what would happen next to the young future king. Book number three should hold just as much enjoyment for the reader.'

A Leopard in the Mist

'Read this back to back with first two - A Hare in the Wilderness and A Wolf in the Dark and would honestly say this is the best so far! Any more please!'


'If you like your fantasy worlds with attention to detail and awe-inspiring action coupled with uncanny character development, this series is for you.'


'What makes one ruler benevolent while another seeks power at any cost? Is it one's upbringing or is it hereditary?

Amid the unfolding story of the clans and their struggles, these questions give the reader more to think about.'


'At more than one point in the narrative, the reader is compelled to consider those soul-searching questions again as the overwhelming power of grief resonates deeply within both the characters and the reader.'

A Stag in the Shadows

'I've been reading this series since the start and I am always impressed by how powerfully emotional these stories are. This one was exciting, and dark, and thrilling, and filled with suspense. The opening really sets the tone.

Peek at the look inside and you will get a small taste of the beautiful writing. This author has a real way of painting with words. Her imagery comes to life from the start and pulls you in for an immersive adventure. The characters are richly drawn and make you care, which brought tears to my eyes in this part as well. If you are looking for a fantasy to get lost in, this series is top on my must read. I am always ready to one-click with each new part.'


'This author never disappoints. I have come to really enjoy this series. Each book gets better and better as you delve deeper into the Durundal series. I love how Turner can tell the current story while still weaving a bigger picture.

She always has beautiful lessons throughout as well.'


'This series is written with a flair for detail and consistency in its world-building that is hard to find in the modern writer. The reader is transported by the magic of the artfully written word to a marvelous place of wonder and danger, where the characters are bigger than life.'

I loved this book. It grabs you into the story so much that you feel the grit on your face, the dirt between your toes,

the sunshine on your face.
It makes your heart wrench, your stomach twist and your head thinking about what's next.
It has the emotions of life and yes I cried in a few parts. 
This is a great read that has trials, heart, gusto, emotions and a touch of magic.

It's fantastic and I cannot wait for the next book.

A Moth in the Flames

What can I say... I want more. This latest book 'A Moth in the Flames' brings this incredible series to an end.

It is the end but far from finished. This great book fills in the gaps but it also reminds us of the story and its beginnings.

This book has it all. The naivety of children, the hatred of men, the wrath of jealousy,

the greatest love that we all seek, the magic of the universe and the tales of the mysterious.

This book is written so well I found my heart racing with anger then fuelled with love.

I found myself weeping with joy and could feel the warmth of the sun. I cried with deep pain when the main character Sansara lost part of herself. I was enveloped into a world that was beautiful and joyous.

I felt my heart sing with joy at Sansara's hard-won prize.I was happy but also saddened when I reached the end.

I want more. I want more of the magic, more of the love, more of the sapphire blue island. More of the sorceress.

This series goes from strength to strength becoming more enthralling with each book.

A Moth in the flames is absolutely brilliant, keeping me captivated from beginning to end.

The powerful descriptive scenes really pulled me in creating a real sense of being there. The story-line is both emotional and empowering, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading some more from this talented author in the future.

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